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Biuro nieruchomości Katowice

Consensus Nieruchomości company is an Estate Agency founded in 1992.

We specialise in estate agency services, including purchase/sales and lease of various residential, construction and land estates: apartments, houses, plots of land, commercial and farming estates.

We seek purchasers for estates offered by our Customers. For the above, we cooperate with professional estate agents on preparing and executing the sales and purchase process.

We succeed owing to our ability to understand our Customers' needs and preferences, and by drawing correct conclusions. Our thorough market knowledge allows us to find the right answer every time.

We operate in close cooperation with financial advisors and banks that give mortgage loans for purchase, construction, expansion or renovation of estates, and assist our Customers in finding the best bank for their mortgage needs. We also offer help in completing all necessary documents and individual services. Our efficiency has been proven by numerous satisfied Customers, that have recommended our services to their friends.

We will be happy to cooperate with You and provide You with our services.

City: Tychy
District: Paprocany
Surface: 40 m2
Price: 1350 PLN
City: Katowice
District: Śródmieście
Surface: 83 m2
Price: 399000 PLN
City: Katowice
District: Brynów
Surface: 89 m2
Price: 573760 PLN
City: Katowice
District: oś. Bażantów
Surface: 52 m2
Price: 350000 PLN
40-097 Katowice,
ul. 3 Maja 31/4 (1 piętro)
phone: 32 253 68 47
phone: 513 169 054